DVR Standalone 4ch H.264 Networking HSVR-04

Honeywell HSVR-04
Surveillance system is effective in preventing loss of life and protecting your family, property and asset. Honeywell can provide you with simple and cost effective solution that help protect your family or business from break-ins, unauthorized entry and theft. Our brand new four channels digital video recording solution, HSVR-04, is and easy to use and mobile sccess enabled DVR. It deployed a high definition H.264 video codec, and supported D1 resolution of real-time recording at the first channel. This high quality video surveillance product gives you the ability to live view, record, search and transmit up to four channels of analog video sources and audio input respectively, in different areas at your home or your facility. This in an ideal way to monitor housekeeper work habits, providing security and a view of the proper placement of the assets.
The HSVR-04 supports TV, VGA, and HDMI ouput. Customers can aesily connect the DVR to monitor or TV, to display surveillance pictures and control the viewing via remote controller.

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