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( CAS No.55295-98-2 )
This product is a quatemary ammonium cationic polymer. It has excellent efficiency in decoloring, flocculating and COD removal.
Application fields and properties
1. The product is mainly used to decolor the effluent with high chromaticity from the dyestuff plant. It is quite suitable to treat activated dyes, acidic dyes and dispersing dyes.
2. The product is also used in the treatment of effluent from textile, printing & dyeing industry and printing ink.
3. The rate of decoloring is more than 95% in waste water treatment, and the rate of COD removal is between 40% and 70%.
Specifications :
Item 1 2 3 4
appearance Colorless or light-color sticky liquid
Solid content (%) ≥ 38 40 45 50
Dynamic viscosity
( mpa•s, 20°C ) 30-200 50-800
(30% water solution ) 2.5-5.0
The product can be made upon customers’ special request.
Application Method & Notes
1. The product shall be diluted with 10-40 times water, and then added to the wastewater directly. After stirring for several minutes, the clear water will be got by precipitations or air-floatation.
2. The acceptable optimized PH of the wastewater is 6-10.
3. It is recommended to used this product together with the inorganic flocculants to treat the effluent with high color and COD to reduce the operation cost. The order and proportion of agent dosage depend or the flocculation test and the effluent treatment process.
4. The product is nonflammable and unexplosive. The suitable storage temperature is 5-30°C. Avoid direct sunlight.
5. The substance is slightly irritable to eyes and skin, avoid eyes and skin contact.
6. The product storage period is 1 year. Layer separation would appear and The product would become white at low temperature. There is no negative impact on the usage efficiency after mixing up.
7. The product is packed in plastic drums according to the requirements of clients.

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